In your second fitting, most of your garments will be complete. Our styling consultant will lead you to one of our fitting rooms where you can try on all your garments again.

  • Your shirts : most, if not all your shirts will be completed as per previous fitting’s adjustments
    Your pants/trousers : most, if not all your pants will be complete, hemmed and altered as per previous fitting
  • Your Jacket : your jacket will either be complete or nearly completed
  • We check the fit and details of every garment with you to attain your full satisfaction. If your garments require any more alterations, we will happily make the adjustment for you and set you in for a third fitting. However, if your garments require any minor alteration, we are able to do it in-house for you allowing you to pick them up on the same day, and sometimes, within minutes.
  • If your garments fit perfect, they are ready to go home with you after a final quality check by our team. Our team will go over your garments and record the changes you made over the past fittings, clean your clothes, make sure your suit is ready to be worn! Fine quality control that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. We make your life easy after you make a suit with us!
  • Your ready garments will then be packed for you in a handy bag so you can carry it back to your home conveniently. A suit bag will be given if you purchase a suit from us.
  • The remainder of your bill will be settled, and that marks the end of your bespoke suit up experience at Crown Tailors, Bangkok. But, it doesn’t end the experience with Crown Tailor! We have our travelling tailor trips around the world where we can continue to suit you up OR you can still re-order online with your recorded sizes.



Please take the sky train and get down at NANA station – exit 4. We are located 20m inside of Sukhumvit soi 8, on the left hand side (1 minute walk from the sky train).


Please tell the cab driver “Sukhumvit soi 8” and they will take you straight to Sukhumvit soi 8. From then, we are only 20m inside the soi (soi meaning street in Thai), on the left hand side.


Please be very careful of taxi drivers, hotel limousines and tour guides taking you to the wrong shops, where you are over-charged for what you buy and they get commission for it. The best way to avoid is to to give us a call and we can direct you to our store. We have only 1 branch.