Upon your visit, you will be taken care of by one of our styling consultants, who will walk you through the process of fabric selection, style customization and get you measured up. Your first visit at our store will take you approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your decisiveness.

  • The first step is to get to know your preference in terms of style and budget. We will also need to know your time frame, so we can best plan your fittings around your schedule. Our consultant will guide you through the different price points of the fabrics available in our store. We offer a wide range of fabrics, displayed on the rack or in swatches. To help you decide, we often drape the fabric over your shoulder so able to feel the material and visualize the look of the garment on you.
  • Once you have your mind set on the fabric, we run through the different styles for you to customize your garment and make it uniquely your own. Attention is paid to details such as fit, lapel, collar, cuff, button, lining, monograms, and more. All your preferences will be recorded.
  • We then take all your sizes, which include anywhere from 25-30 sets of measurements.
  • We take into account your body structure, build, shoulder elevation, curves and every detail that our trained eyes can spot.
  • We require a 50% deposit at the time of order. This can be paid either in Cash or Credit Card. At this time, we will also plan out your fitting times/dates with you. We will also write out a receipt/fitting appointment dates with you to help you remember your dates/times required for you to come in to try your clothes.



Please take the sky train and get down at NANA station – exit 4. We are located 20m inside of Sukhumvit soi 8, on the left hand side (1 minute walk from the sky train).


Please tell the cab driver “Sukhumvit soi 8” and they will take you straight to Sukhumvit soi 8. From then, we are only 20m inside the soi (soi meaning street in Thai), on the left hand side.


Please be very careful of taxi drivers, hotel limousines and tour guides taking you to the wrong shops, where you are over-charged for what you buy and they get commission for it. The best way to avoid is to to give us a call and we can direct you to our store. We have only 1 branch.