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In House alterations

To save your time, we offer the opportunity to have clothes fixed within minutes. Simple changes will be done on our 3rd floor so you don't have to make a trip back to collect them.


We have a wide variety of fabrics showcased in our store, and if that is not enough, there are plenty of swatches to pick from. We offer suits in poly blends, wool blends, 100% wools, cottons, chinos, linens, corduroys, tweed, flannels and much more. Let us spoil you with our variety!

fitting rooms

To avoid long wait times, we offer 3 fitting rooms for your convenience. We will also one dedicated member of our team assigned to your fitting alone.

View your
production live

To ensure a full and confident experience, you will be able to view our production facilities from our live feeds.

Happy Crown Family

We have a dedicated and fun loving team of 13 ready to help you out at all times. 30 years of experience has made us experts in making Crown products fit on you the way you want.


Enjoy a tour of Crown Tailor. Click here to enlarge each photo.

  • Advice From Our Welcoming Team

  • Packing finished garments

  • First Floor Fitting Room

  • Rows of Fabrics

  • Cleaning Your Finished Garment

  • Immaculate Quality Check

  • Ties Collection

  • Our friendly styling consultant

  • Quality Control Department

  • Getting to Know Our Fabrics

  • More Fabric Selections On Our Second Floor

  • Reaching A Verdict on Your Suit Fabric

  • Fabric Swatches

  • Decision Making

  • Waiting eagerly for your new threads

  • We Take Over 25 Body Sizes

  • Precise Cutting of Fabric

  • Make Your Shirt Unique

  • Chalking Up the Shoulder Line

  • Say hello to team crown

  • Crafting Your Suit

  • Selecting Fabrics

  • Recommendations From Our Styling Expert

  • Adjusting to Your Wants

  • Fine tuning your end products

  • Fabric Collections

  • Detailed Measurement Taking

  • Rolls of Fabrics

  • Comfortable Selection and Waiting Area

  • Decisions

  • Selected Shirts

  • In house alteration

  • Speedy Delivery Service

  • Group Decision Making

  • View our production unit live from our store

  • Meticulous Measurements

  • Recording Your Finished Sizes

  • Shirt Contrast

  • Second floor fitting room

  • Typical Day at Crown

  • Extensive Fabric Choices For You

  • Until your next shopping experience with us

  • Suit Fitting

  • Fabric Samples

  • Draping the Cloth

  • A Warm Welcome To Crown Tailor

  • Suits Ready to be Picked Up